Why moms love Moozi

Safe Portion Control

Moozi’s single serve pod system provides the peace of mind that bottles are made to manufacturer’s formula-to-water ratios. Prefilling powdered formula into the reusable pods is the perfect way to prepare for those middle of the night feedings or for when you have a babysitter or grandparent watching your baby. 

Perfect Temp in Under a Minute

No more repeated wrist-testing or waiting for a bottle warmer while baby cries in frustration. Moozi controls the temperature for you, bringing every bottle up to body temperature, 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, in under a minute. With multiple temperature sensors, the temperature is always correct, never over-heated. 

Sleek & Compact

We know there are already too many appliances on your counter, which is why we kept Moozi sleek and compact. The unit fits under cabinets and can also be used in the baby’s nursery.

Mom Inventor

As a Mom herself, Miriam learned the struggles Moms face when preparing bottles. The late nights, formula spills and heating woes led her to create Moozi, the one-button formula bottle prep system. Today, Miriam continues to juggle family and career, keeping Moozi a Mom-run company. 

Easy to Clean

Since formula and water mix in the bottle, cleanup is simple! Formula pods and formula funnel are both dishwasher-safe (top rack only) and deep cleaning is only recommended after 6 months.

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