Stress Free Feedings for Infant Caregivers

A baby brings a lot of joy. And, let’s face it, a lot of work!

Having help is great, and everybody wants to pitch in: grandparents, aunts and uncles, best friends. But when it comes to bottles, babies can be very picky.

Moozi makes it possible for any caregiver to keep feeding on schedule with bottles that are just like Mom makes. Bottles with consistent formula mix and a safe, comfortable temperature, every time. That helps keep the little one happy and calm.

There’s also less mess and less stress. That helps Mom worry less too.

It’s so simple, you just insert a pre-measured formula pod and push the button.

Check out our What is Moozi page for more details on how Moozi works.

Of course it’s not just for family and friends. Moozi makes feeding easy for daycare providers, nannies and au pairs. Whoever is handling the feeding, it will be smoother and happier with Moozi.

(That’s yet another reason why Moozi is a great gift for new babies!)

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