Feeding Time is Bonding Time for Dads and Partners

You want to help with feeding the baby. But to get it right, you have to make bottles exactly the way Mom does.

How much formula does your baby need? Too warm, too cold, just right? Which bottle?

Basically, you don’t want to be left out—but you also don't want to mess it up!

Sound familiar? Not to worry. Moozi takes away the stress and helps you get in the game by making bottles “just like Momma.”

Either parent, or any caregiver, can prepare single-serving pods in advance, so you get the formula measurement just right. And by the way, you waste less formula and make less mess when the baby isn’t crying for a bottle while you try to measure out formula.

Moozi takes care of temperature, warming the water to about 98 degrees, the same as baby’s body temperature. Safety sensors ensure the water doesn’t get too warm.

So when baby’s hungry, you’re ready to go. Just push the button. In less than one minute you’ll have the right formula, in the right proportions, at the right temperature.

Our inspiration for Moozi was the simplicity of single-cup coffee makers. Why couldn’t formula bottles be as easy? Now they can. This simple process takes away the stress for your baby and for your whole family. It's Moozi peace of mind.

Baby’s happy, Mom’s happy, you’re happy.

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